About Us

Current Operation

Jason is dedicated to ensuring that he not only upholds the principles that Dave has set out, but seeks to further improve the automotive repair and wider service at D&T. Since he has been leading the operation Jason has overseen the design, construction and installation of the new building signage as well as improving several customer service and administration processes to ensure things are easier for everyone. Jason has worked closely to develop this new website to ensure (amongst other things) that customers can conveniently send messages through outside of hours, as well as making general contact easier. Going forward into 2019 Jason has many other projects he is pursuing within D&T.


D&T Automotive Limited started trading in 2002 and was founded by experienced and likeable mechanic Dave Eagle. Under Dave D&T Automotive raised the standard of customer service and quality car repairs in West Auckland. Dave gained a reputation for his practical advice and being able to discuss car issues in layman terms. Being always there for customers as the first point of contact was important to Dave, as it ensured a consistent, voice on the phone that was familiar with the customers and their vehicles on a personal basis.

Dave operated D&T Automotive successfully for 16 years, becoming a staple of the Swanson and wider West Auckland area. To ensure this success would continue for many years to come, in early 2017 Dave passed on the torch to his son Jason Eagle, but still maintains an active role in the workshop. Having already worked at D&T for many years, Jason was familiar with all aspects of the business which has ensured a smooth transition.

Commitment to the Customer & Community

We will always be committed to providing the best automotive advice, repairs and servicing within Auckland. Our long-standing reputation has been built off of quality repairs and friendly, reassuring advice. Above and beyond this we also feel a strong connection to West Auckland and we sponsor several junior sports teams to ensure we help give back to our community.

Regardless of your situation, if you are concerned about your vehicle, give us a call, it can only help.