D&T Automotive - Vehicle Repair, WOF, Servicing

Our speciality is friendly advice. Customer feedback tells us that our costs are reasonable, we aim to provide a value service without compromising quality. Auto motoring is a passion of ours and we share this with the automotive community and other automotive businesses.

Dave and the team at D&T Automotive are located at Rakich Place, Henderson.

Call now & discuss your needs.

About Us

The team at D&T Automotive

The team at D&T are ready to give you a straight-forward, honest opinion on your motor vehicle and mechanical needs.
All the team at D&T have a friendly phone presence and is ready to assist you. As a mechanical repair servicer D&T Automotive are MTA Assured.
Other services include providing WOF, Vehicle & Boat Servicing and Mechanical Repairs. The team have an amazing knowledge of vehicles and the know-how to get your vehicle on the road as soon as possible!

Whether it's a casual chat or discussing a repair process, the D&T team are ready to assist you today.

Some of our services:
  • Servicing
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Transmissions
  • Tyres
  • WOF's
  • Outboard Motor Servicing
  • Trailer Repairs
Our mechanical services are not limited to the above, contact Dave on (09) 837-8191 for friendly, fast advice.
What our customers are saying:
  • I called quite a few mechanics on this website...they all put me on hold. Finally got to D&T Automotive booked for a WOF / Service with Dave . Welcoming happy voice "first impressions always count"
    - Tina K.
  • You can't complain about the price or the service here They do exactly what they say! Very fair price (I have had 2 different cars services there). Best to get the WOF and service done at the same time, I was getting the service and the the WOF at VTNZ before.
    - Andrew S.
  • Honest professional & cheap mechanic. Dave and his team are FANTASTIC!! Honest, friendly and professional service. D&T Automotive never rip you off or tell you something needs doing when it doesn't. When all something ended up needing was a clean he cleaned it instead of replacing the part and it was FREE! They fixed my car and even took it back to the WOF centre to have the sticker sorted. I whole-heartedly recommend D&T Automotive.
    - Selina
Contact Information
  • Address: Unit 1 No 5 Mihini Road, Henderson, Auckland
  • Phone: (09) 837 8191
Opening Hours
  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:30pm
  • Sat-Sun: Closed
  • Holidays: Closed